Current Projects

Child Abuse: Recognition and Response project started in Yekaterinburg

New project Child Abuse: Recognition and Response started in Yekaterinburg. The project is supported by Childhood Foundation (Sweden). Family to Children is aimed to help care leavers, who suffered from violence while living at the state care institutions.

Empowering Marginalised Children in the Russian Federation

The United Nation Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC), Article 12, specifies the right of the child to freely express his or her opinion on all issues concerning the childís interests. It is especially difficult to have this right observed for marginalized children. That is why Empowering Marginalised Children in the Russian Federation Project supports children without parental care and children and young people in conflict with the law.

MAMA+ Yekaterinburg: Replication of the Model of Comprehensive Services to Women with Young Children, Included HIV-affected Mothers (completed)

MAMA+ Yekaterinburg Project is aimed to prevent early abandonment to keep children in their families through provision of comprehensive services to at-risk families, including those affected by HIV.

Letís Open the World Together

Letís Open the World Together project is a logical continuation of Early Intervention project. But besides medical, social and psychological support to families Letís Open the World Together implies child socialization, namely favourable conditions for communication of children taking part in the project.

Urgent Accommodation for Vulnerable Mothers in Yekaterinburg

This is a spacious 3-room apartment, situated in one of the multi-storeyed buildings in Yekaterinburg. The apartment is meant to host 4 women with babies.

Early Intervention

The aim of the project is to provide complex support to families having children with disabilities aged between 0 to 3 years old.

Disseminating Experience of "Urgent Accommodation for Vulnerable Mothers" project in Sverdlovsk region

During two years from 2009 to 2011 we will support four departments for urgent accommodation for vulnerable mothers and create detached social workers services in four towns of Sverdlovsk region.

Children Want to Live at Home

The main aim of the project is to give children living in one of the social shelters of Ekaterinburg an opportunity to grow up in a family.
Is there any chance in Russia for charity?
Yes, there is.
Don't know
No, there isn't
What charity? There is nothing to eat for ourselves.