Main Principles of Work

Changing the system we change the lives of those in need for the better. We do our best so that in the long run our projects will become part of state social support system. This means that more children and families will have access to it. All our projects are implemented with the support from the Ministry of Social Protection of Sverdlovsk Region and on the base of state institutions of social support to population (Centres for Social Support to Families and Children, Rehabilitation Centres for Children and Teenagers with Disabilities), as well as on the base of state care institutions (Baby Homes, Social Shelters for Children, childrens homes).

We do our best so that a family mother, father or a child find strength to overcome the existing difficulties on their lives. We scarcely ever provide financial support, we focus on internal potential of a person. In the end of the day people say: You may give a person a fish and hell be fed for one day. You may also teach him to fish and hell always be fed .

We focus on providing complex support to a family. Complex support means interaction of different structures working with a family as well as simultaneous work of several specialists with a family (social worker, psychologist, medical worker, lawyer). Such complex approach in social sphere has long before proved its effectiveness round the world. 

Is there any chance in Russia for charity?
Yes, there is.
Don't know
No, there isn't
What charity? There is nothing to eat for ourselves.