StreetArt, «Семья детям» и школьники против буллинга

Этой осенью в Екатеринбурге появилась социальная реклама «Закрытые глаза», которая призвана поднять проблему жестокости в детских коллективах. По-другому, это явление называется буллинг, орудием которого являются угрозы, насмешки, клевета, запугивание через соцсети, в более жестких случаях побои. Над данной проблемой в городе уже в течение 3-х лет работает Некоммерческое партнерство «Семья детям», реализуя благотворительный проект «Нет» насилию в отношении детей». В фокусе внимания организации находятся детские дома и приюты, но эта проблема сегодня актуальна и в обычных школах, и на улицах. Поэтому реклама призвана обратить внимание на проблему всех детей, педагогов и родителей. Ее идея была разработана и воплощена в жизнь агентством StreetArt на волонтерских началах.

Exhibition “Photographers for Protecting Children”

On June 10-17 we held the city art exhibition “Photographers for Protecting Children”. It was held together with Saint-Petersburg NGO “Stellit” which works for prevention of sexual exploitation of children. Their part of the exhibition (photoes, videos, audio recordings) was devoted to raising public awareness about child sexual exploitation. Photos presented by F2C showed positive ways of interacting with children, how to care for and love children. In order to show the child abuse problem we also presented drawings of children – victims of abuse.

Youth Exchange Forum in the framework of Empowering Marginalised Children in the RF

On April 23-25 we organised and carried out the Youth Exchange Forum in the framework of Empowering Marginalised Children in the RF. The event took place in Ekaterinburg. The Forum united several children groups: disabled children and children on probation from Ekaterinburg, candidates to foster families for future care leavers in conflict with the law and a young man released from the colony for minors from Orel, children living in children’s homes from Saint-Petersburg. The care leavers working for Core Assets, the largest Foster Care Agency in Great Britain, came to Russia to share their experience and inspire our children to overcome their difficult life situations and help other vulnerable children.

Volunteers have organized master-class for care leavers

In January we made a plan of work with care leavers involving our volunteers. The plan is aimed at raising self-esteem of care leavers, to teach them to present themselves, to ask for support from adults, to communicate, to get to know more about different professions.

Directors of children's homes were trained on prevention of child abuse

On the 25-27th of February 2013 we conducted training for directors and social pedagogues on prevention of child abuse in Children’s Homes. The training was supported by the Ministry of Education and Child Ombudsman. The Ministry of Education wanted a specialist from each Children Home to participate in our trainings so that after that they could disseminate their knowledge to other co-workers.

Heroes of comic strip will teach children to protect themselves from child abuse

Family to Children and our volunteer professional comic artist, Konstantin Dubkov, сreated a new way to promote ideas of prevention of child abuse. Konstantin drew a child-friendly comic strip which tells how to prevent child abuse and explains to children 3 ways of safe behavior for example to say “no” to any offers of unfamiliar people. Besides children are recommended not to keep bad secrets and to run away in case of emergency.

Pro bono movement begins in Ekaterinburg

In November 2012 “Family to Children” launched a new project «Development of Volunteer Initiative». Soon thanks to the project the most active citizens of Ekaterinburg can be involved in the movement of professional volunteers pro bono.

Larisa Buchelnikova, Director of Family to Children, has entered the Public Council on the Rights of the Child under the President of the Russian Federation

Larisa Buchelnikova, Director of Non-Commercial Partnership Family to Children, received an official invitation signed by Pavel Astakhov welcoming her to enter the Public Council on the Rights of the Child under the President of the Russian Federation and take an active part in its activities. The Public Council was convened by Pavel Astakhov for the first time. The official start to the Council was given in September 2012.

A special foster family will help a child in conflict with the law

One of the specific objectives of the Empowering Marginalized Children in the Russian Federation Project implemented by a charity Family to Children is to prevent repeated child crime. The project participants are going to offer an utterly innovative solution of the problem. The very first Russian foster family service for children in conflict with the law is to be established. Special foster families are to welcome and rehabilitate orphans in conflict with the law. The rehabilitation period is to last about six months.

Results of the project MAMA+ Yekaterinburg

In the past years the number of early abandonments taking place in maternity hospitals was still growing in Russia. This was a pressing problem for Yekaterinburg as well. According to official statistics, annually from 2000 till 2009 more than 200 infants became orphans in maternity hospitals. The problem of early abandonments and neglect of the child’s needs in HIV-affected families is much more urgent.
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