Volunteers have organized master-class for care leavers

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In January we made a plan of work with care leavers involving our volunteers. The plan is aimed at raising self-esteem of care leavers, to teach them to present themselves, to ask for support from adults, to communicate, to get to know more about different professions.

On the 27th of February the first master-class of cosmetologist (beauty expert) for girls was held. Our professional volunteer Alyona Solodchenko told the girls how to care about their skin, gave recommendations what cosmetics would be better to use for each of them, taught them to apply make-up. The girls mentioned that the most important for them was to get to know how to care about their skin and to apply make-up.

On the 5th of March the second master-class for girls was held. It was devoted to image and style. The image-maker Elena Ashmarina taught the girls how to wear appropriate clothes to different events and places. Girls prepared collages of clothes in different styles and then discussed which places are appropriate to the clothes from their collages. Girls asked questions about different styles and were interested in colours, types of figure, what to wear in order to make an impression on a boy and so on. Probably these will be next themes of future master-classes.

On the 19th of March the master-class on hair-dressing was held. 2 volunteers who are students from the Pedagogical University explained to girls how to care for hair, arrange them, what style would be appropriate for different situations. Girls were very interested in hairdos for parties.
We are planning more meetings on with these volunteers.

Is there any chance in Russia for charity?
Yes, there is.
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