How can you help?

We live in troubled times, when even the poor in experiencing some difficulties with the current financial crisis and the unstable economic situation in our country as a whole. It is extremely important in such periods lend a helping hand to those who need it. Fortunately, many began to appear understanding: if you do not support the time of the individual - adult or child, or disadvantaged prosperous, healthy or sick - to condemn the whole society to slow fading. Moreover, each chooses, relatively speaking, the direction that it is close - help gifted children, assistance to people with disabilities, assistance in the social adaptation of the graduates of orphanages, support for environmental programs ...

What makes our organization?

The main objective of all our projects - to prevent children from getting caught in the public vospitaniyasotrudnichestvu with public authorities (children's homes, orphanages, shelters for children). We help the children left without parental care, or under threat of removal from the family, as well as families with children trapped in difficult situation. At the same time, we pay much attention to - we want those projects which are realized by our organization in the future are services that provide state social assistance centers for families and children on an ongoing basis.

Why do we believe that children live better and grow up in a family, even if not exemplary, rather than in a public institution?

... Think of yourself - a tiny, trusting lnuschego to my mother, the smell of home, joy in the knowledge that you are loved ... This is what gives a pledge of future confidence, and successful adaptation to society and is the foundation of psychological maturity and stable relations of trust with other people.

Is there any chance in Russia for charity?
Yes, there is.
Don't know
No, there isn't
What charity? There is nothing to eat for ourselves.