Directors of children's homes were trained on prevention of child abuse

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On the 25-27th of February 2013 we conducted training for directors and social pedagogues on prevention of child abuse in Children’s Homes. The training was supported by the Ministry of Education and Child Ombudsman.   The Ministry of Education wanted a specialist from each Children Home to participate in our trainings so that after that they could disseminate their knowledge to other co-workers.

Finally 23 representatives from 13 Children Homes of Sverdlovsk region participated in the training. The aim of the training was to raise awareness of directors and social pedagogues on child abuse and bullying issues, to provide them with methods of prevention of that. A big part of the training was devoted to the organisation and implementation of interviewing of an abused child. But specialists still need support and practice in it. The most useful was supervision of child abuse cases. Specialists presented a case and all together discussed it and tried to address the most difficult elements of the case.

Supervision was useful because it helped specialists to make plans for working with abused and bullied children, to get support from colleagues and trainers. Directors of Children’s Homes talked about lack of personnel in their institutions and lack of emotional resources to work with children living there. Participants of the training mentioned that the training helped them to understand how to work with children’s aggression and to summarize their knowledge about child abuse issues. 8 participants of the training said that they would for sure disseminate knowledge and experience provided by the training to other specialists of Children’s Homes. 6 participants after the training decided to change their ways of working with children. After the event the trainers made recommendations for directors and specialists of Children’s Homes and for the Ministry of Education as well. Here is a comment of one of the participants: “The seminar made me think about personality of a child, to see a child behind all the problems he or she faces”. And one more comment: “The most useful for me was to be in the role of a child living in a children’s home. I understood that all specialists who have to support a child just make him scared”.

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