Child Abuse: Recognition and Response project started in Yekaterinburg

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New project Child Abuse: Recognition and Response started in Yekaterinburg.  The project is supported by Childhood Foundation (Sweden). Family to Children is aimed to help care leavers, who suffered from violence while living at the state care institutions.

“The level of child abuse in any closed organisation is higher than on average in the society. We don’t say that all children living at the state care institutions suffered from child abuse, but we will not be able to get to know more about violence at prisons, children homes and other state organisations while people keep silence around this problem. It’s impossible to solve this problem while victims of abuse are not supported and united with each other in order to speak openly about their experience” – says Larisa Buchelnikova, Director of “Family to children”.

Statistic of Investigative Committee of the Russian Prosecutor proves that more than 100 000 children in Russia became victims of crime every year. And part of violators who committed a crime is tutors and close people of the children. It’s important for the project that 47% of criminals suffered from violence when they were children. That’s why young care leavers (not elder than 24  years old) were chosen to be project participants.  

Care leavers will be able to receive psychological rehabilitation and will participate in working out recommendations for specialists of children homes and other state care institutions. 
Special web-site will be worked out in order to inform victims of abuse about the project. Web-site will help “Family to children” to find victims of abuse who want to solve their psychological problems.  At the end of the project the web-site will be a platform for specialists and victims in order to identify and discuss cases of abuse in the region.  Search of victims of abuse will also be held by partners of “Family to children” who work with children homes.  

The project will last for three years (2011  – 2013). During this period “Family to Children” joint with Child Ombudsmen of Sverdlovsk region Igor Morokov will work out a system of preventing child abuse in state care institutions. These recommendations will be sent to all regional organisations. «This project shows to us that society is worrying of child abuse problem and is trying to find ways for solving by NGOs – says IGOR MOROKOV.  We are all trying to solve this problem, we are together (we do it in line) and activities of everyone are very important. I think that first thing we should do now is influencing to public opinion about inadmissibility of child abuse.  It will be the best prevention of such crimes”.

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